Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Climate Justice

When I first decided to vote for Clinton, because I believe a Clinton administration will result in more emissions cuts than a Sanders administration would have, it was because she is smart, listens to people, works very hard, and had put out lots and lots of plans that could be done from the Oval Office, regardless of congressional action. She was making plans for climate action that had depth, breadth and were politically viable. [Here is the basis of my decision at that time, in March: ]

But in April, something changed.  

She reframed her discussion of climate. No longer was she talking about action on climate change. She began to talk about climate justice. Justice for minorities, women and children. She vowed to ensure that women, children and most of all, minorities, were not left out of protection from the ravages of climate, nor out of the opportunities for the solutions. [See the linked policy page at the end of this post].

And it was at that moment, then, in April, that I saw that Hillary had incorporated climate into the framework of what is most important to her...working to protect women, children and minorities, here and abroad. Before, I knew climate was on her "to do" list. But now, I could support her much more passionately. She, like almost all of us, is evolving on climate, getting stronger and stronger with time. For her, to really "get" it meant tying it into her own framework. And she is now doing just that.

She IS cautious. And as an experienced politician that works to build broad coalitions, she may make compromises I might not. For example, she will not put a carbon tax in her plan because she knows it is a red flag for the bull that is across the aisle.

She cannot push for more without our political will. BUT THEN NO ONE CAN. If we deliver a carbon tax to her desk, she will sign it. Of that I have no doubt. In the meantime, she has pages and pages and links and links of specific policy plans to cut emissions. [Here is an excellent article by David Roberts summarizing her climate policy plans: ]

I am a climate voter, first and foremost, and I am very proud to support her.

Here is her April 13 Plan to Fight for Environmental and Climate Justice:

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