Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Quick Thoughts as the Putin-Trump Story Unfolds

The article linked below has an excellent rundown on where things stand (or did, as of a short while ago).

The take away?

(1). A direct connection between Putin and Trump is purely speculative at the moment, other than Trump's open invitation to Putin to meddle.

(2). "Russian state interests are likely intervening in an American election, in a way that divides the Democratic party and thus furthers Donald Trump’s electoral ambitions. The Kremlin, wittingly or not, serving as a kind of pro-Trump Super PAC, albeit one with access to hackers."

(3). "Trump is deeply committed to reorienting American foreign policy in a pro-Russian direction. He’s said that he’ll do that, repeatedly, and both his campaign and personal life give us every reason to believe that he’s absolutely serious."

"Given the power of the US presidency, Trump could go beyond merely altering American foreign policy: If he’s really serious about it, he could alter the very fundamental fabric of global politics, weakening core institutions like NATO that Russia hates. Hillary Clinton, a solid establishmentarian who’s hated by Russia, would do nothing of the kind."

I will add that I think calls of "treason" miss the point. Trump is effectively messaging to his voters. His voters value authoritarianism, NOT conservatism. As such, calls to hack Clinton are essentially a call to see her as vulnerable.

The rest of us, progressives, liberals and conservatives, that value geopolitical stability and the right to our nation's self-determination and sovereignty, must speak loudly and quickly to denounce Trump's aims more than even his tactics.

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