Thursday, July 28, 2016

President Obama's Case for Democracy


Or democracy.

Someone has to.

We have to understand who Trump's base is.

They are not stupid. They are not conservatives that have been duped.

They are authoritarians. Their world view is that might makes right. Literally. Please, stop and read that again. Their world view is that might makes right. If someone is stronger, if someone can demonstrate they can win, they are the best leader. This is the philosophical basis of what they believe.

It means when Trump asks Putin to hack Hillary Clinton, he is not trying to lose.

He's not making mistakes.

His call for Russia to hack Clinton is adept.

His supporters are not conservatives. They are authoritarians.

They see this statement as highlighting Hillary Clinton's vulnerability to Putin. And the world. This highlights, to them, HER weakness.

When Trump attacks McCain for being unworthy, it's because he didn't escape. When he gets rich by scam and bankruptcy, he is not showing weakness. He is showing strength to his base. Every time we are disgusted and wonder when they will get it, we are misunderstanding that they DO get it.

Trump is dangerous. We are on a giant playground. And the bullies are looking to their ring leader. And we have to do the hardest thing of all. We have to speak up to say that's wrong, together.

Conservatives. Moderates. Liberals. Progressives.

We must speak up to defend the weaker. Because weakness is not wrongness and being the strongest bully is NOT okay.

And when Obama cries over the deaths of children, he is right. When children die from gun wounds, they are not wrong because their bodies are not stronger than bullets. When people suffer and die because fossil fuel companies act with impunity, they do not simply deserve it.  When the people of Flint are stricken with lead poisoning, the Governor is not right simply because he could get away with it.  

Weakness is not wrongness.  Tears are a sign of compassion.  Compromise is GOOD.  

And when we cannot find perfection in a single candidate, when we get into the messy imperfect world of the politics of democracy and compromises, and we don't get our way on every single thing, we are not wrong.

We are right.

Thank you, Mr. President.


  1. Thanks for reading and your feedback!

  2. You're a new part of my regular reading, Claire. Great writing and insight!

  3. Thank you Claire!! This is the first I have read of you outside of GWFOTD. Well said and a very good insight. We will never convince his hardcore supporters. We need to appeal to the moderates, old time republicans, conservatives and the far left. None of them want Trump and many justifiably don't like Hillary. We have 3 months to convince a large number of them that it is in the worlds best interests to vote for HRC at least this time.

    1. Thanks, Dan. There is good reason you haven't read my blog before. I just began it. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Great blog post, Claire, about the stakes for this election. Thank you for writing this.

  5. Great piece. keep it up.

    1. Thanks, Michael, for reading, and for your encouragement!