Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why Booing Elizabeth Warren Matters

Elizabeth Warren
As I have said before, I am soooo relieved that Elizabeth Warren was not the VP pick.

Don't get me wrong.  Elizabeth Warren is fantastic.  She is the perfect combination of brilliant and compassionate and forceful.

In fact, that is exactly why I am glad she isn't the VP pick.

Chuck Schumer
We are going to get a majority of the Senate this Fall.  At least that is the plan.  When we do, Senator Chuck Schumer, from my own great state of New York, will likely be Senate Majority Leader.

If you want to talk about establishment Democratic Party, this is your man. You want to talk about support for fracking?  Here you go.  You want to talk ties to Wall Street?  Chuck Schumer is your guy.  

But with Warren and Sanders in the Senate, with the force of the Bernie movement behind them, they can lead a progressive bloc of senators to champion the causes most dear to the left.

Bernie Sanders has rallied a power base that has now pushed the Democratic platform to include a WWII-scale mobilization against climate change, calling for a price on carbon.  Will it be the cap and trade once supported by the party establisment, including Chuck Schumer?  Or will it be a carbon tax that is simple, straight forward and not prone to loop holes that benefit corporations?

Warren.  Here is a woman that has focused primarily on attacking unfair economic practices.  Up until this year, very little, other than a supportive nod, came from her on climate.  But now, the climate movement has managed to be heard more loudly, within the country and party, but, too, by the left, by Warren.  Yes.  We have a woman focused on economic justice beginning to truly incorporate climate justice into her paradigm.  Man, oh, man, do I want her in the Senate leading that progressive bloc.

But will she lead the progressive bloc?  Well, her power, and Sanders' power, depend on demonstrating that they have the power to lead the left.  Warren is known as a fundraiser extraordinaire.  That gives her great clout.  And Sanders?  Well he just ran a successful campaign, if you hadn't heard.

But what if they cannot demonstrate that they lead that left bloc?

It is NOW that the left must rally behind their leaders.  The left has entrusted them with power, for very good reason.  If they withdraw it now, all their efforts will be lost.  And the party establishment, in the form of Chuck Schumer, can look away.

Bernie Sanders
I was very glad to see Bernie Sanders manage the speech last night at the Democratic Convention.  It was a tough job to hold that power in the face of those ready to ditch it.

But he knows, and Warren knows that once you gain power in a party, you don't then tear the party apart and end with none.

Thank goodness 90% of Bernie supporters know this.  The 10%? It is up to us to make clear, we are not with them.


  1. Excellent analysis and recommendation.

  2. More powerful than "not with them" is to win them over to us.

    1. Absolutely right! I agree that my choice of words there are not the best they could be.

      But first, they must understand that they cannot degrade or undermine the best of what the Democratic Party can offer.

      There is a reason that Sarah Silverman's admonishment was important. They were ridiculous. So, perhaps, better if I had said we are not with their behavior. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!