Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Scientists Are Takin' It To The Streets

Scientists are taking to the streets:
"Scientists aren’t generally known for their political protests. But like so many things, that’s all changing under the shadow of a looming Trump presidency.
Dec. 12 marked the start of the four-day American Geophysical Union conference, a gathering of climate scientists that isn’t typically known for its raucous itinerary. But on Dec. 13, in between sessions on nonlinear geophysics, seismology, and the study of the earth’s deep interior, many attendees also took to the streets of San Francisco to protest the incoming administration’s stance on climate change. The rally drew hundreds of participants."
Scientists are copying public data to protect it from future censorship and redaction:
"Alarmed that decades of crucial climate measurements could vanish under a hostile Trump administration, scientists have begun a feverish attempt to copy reams of government data onto independent servers in hopes of safeguarding it from any political interference.
The efforts include a 'guerrilla archiving' event in Toronto, where experts will copy irreplaceable public data, meetings at the University of Pennsylvania focused on how to download as much federal data as possible in the coming weeks, and a collaboration of scientists and database experts who are compiling an online site to harbor scientific information.
'Something that seemed a little paranoid to me before all of a sudden seems potentially realistic, or at least something you’d want to hedge against,' said Nick Santos, an environmental researcher at the University of California at Davis."
Scientists are refusing to name names:
“'We will be forthcoming with all publically-available [sic] information with the transition team. We will not be providing any individual names to the transition team.' Burnham-Snyder’s email had the last sentence in boldface for emphasis."
Scientists KNOW the reality of climate change.  And they are refusing to name names, protecting truth and taking it to the streets.

These are climate patriots that deserve our utmost respect.  More importantly, they deserve our total support:  financial, spoken, written and activist.

It is hard, in the wake of this devastating election, to return our thoughts to reason and science.  Those of us that have been steeped in it for years are frustrated and wonder if there is a point.

Let me say this.  OF COURSE THERE IS A POINT.  Reason didn't stop being reasonable.  Science hasn't stopped being valid.  Reality is still reality, though it doesn't feel like it.

These scientists are RIGHT.  They were right and they continue to be right.

All that has changed is that they are now not just right, but they are refusing to name names, protecting truth and taking it to the streets.  We owe it to them to stand right there with them.  We owe it to ourselves.  We owe it to our children.

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