Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anger on a Dark Morning-Putting it in Terms That People Seem to Get

Roaring Fork Baptist Church
in Gatlinburg, TN After the Fire

Climate change is the extremist that seeks to end our way of life.

Climate change is the trespasser that invades our private property and steals what is ours.

Climate change is the suicide bomber that kills thousands in fire.

Climate change is the vandal that destroys our statues, our cultural landmarks, our loved ones' tombs.

Roaring Fork Baptist Church
in Gatlinburg, TN Before the Fire
Climate change is the biological weapon that decimates by disease.

Climate change is the enemy soldier that bombs our roads and bridges.

Climate change is the aborter that kills unborn babies.

Climate change is the craven murderer that kills innocents.

Climate change is the kidnapper that steals our children.

Climate change is the ungodly that destroys creation.

Climate change is the stranger that steals our jobs and puts us out of work.

Those that know but continue to profit by it are laughing. The evil are destroying our way of life. They think we are weak. And they are laughing.

The great irony is that it's not terribly difficult to defend our way of life. It is simply a matter of committing to the fight.

To the cowards and traitors that refuse: fuck you.


  1. I would delete the final two words. But I recognize that our grandchildren will spit on the graves of those who just wanted to make a million or billion before the world changed.

    1. I wrote and deleted those words several times. It is difficult to carry anger.